Basic Recipes for Chicken: How to Marinate Chicken Legs

A lot of the basic recipes for chicken relies on the chef knowing how to keep the meat tender and juicy. One of the most simple meals to prepare involves one of the toughest portions to prepare correctly, the legs. By learning how to properly marinate chicken legs so that they come out juicy and tender, you will be able to master the rest of the bird with ease.

Because the legs have the most muscle, and are therefore the toughest in texture once cooked, it helps to marinate those portions first before preparing them for use in other recipes for chicken. The marinade will often include an acid base, like lemon juice or vinegar, a processed fat additive like vegetable oil, plus whatever spices you want the meat to soak up. For best results, marinade the legs in a sealed plastic bag for at least 24 hours before cooking.


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